Our Community

Harding is built on the fundamentals of Self Reliance, Community Focus, and Appropriate Government.

Together for Harding

We are united in a common purpose to preserve and continue the principles that keep Harding strong.

The Harding Township Republican Club is a community- and volunteer-based organization, led by your neighbors here in town. Together, we are united in the common purpose to preserve and continue the Republican principles – self reliance, community focus and appropriate government – that keep Harding strong and beautiful. Through our Club events and communications, we aim to:

  • Support the election of our Republican candidates
  • Educate and engage citizens on topics relevant to Republican values and policies
  • Provide transparency on local, county and state governance
  • Grow a community of neighbors with similar values and a shared mission

We welcome you to join us – Together for Harding!

Donald Dinsmore, Jr.
[email protected]

Vice President
Barbara Huston
[email protected]

John Huston

Gwenn Claytor

HTRC Board Members
Jim Barry
Barbara Bruno
Brenda Catalanello
Tom DePoortere
Tracey Flanagan
Livia Galante
Mary Alice Lawless
Elizabeth Sovolos

Harding Township
County Committee

District 1:
Devanshu Modi
Barbara Bruno

District 2:
Tom Addonizio
Nicole Lacz

District 3:
George Boyan

District 4:
Christopher Yates
Deborah Tong

Become a Member of HTRC

If you’d like to participate in support of Harding Township, and the continuation of our legacy, please contact Elizabeth or Barb or fill out the form below.