Our Republican Mission

Harding is more than a town – it is a place of history which holds up the community of today and promises the Harding way of life for future generations. Since the town’s inception nearly a century ago, Harding Republicans have governed with a clear set of principles that have yielded the results we continue to enjoy today: beautiful open spaces, low property taxes, a top-notch school system and most importantly, an unwavering spirit of community and dedication to the common good.

We invite you to join us in voting Republican and continuing this legacy in service to our town, our neighbors and future generations by:

  • Promoting a Philosophy of Peer Leadership, Diversity of Thought and Transparency in Serving the People of Harding
  • Harnessing the Many Expressions of Compassion, Cooperation and Commitment to Volunteerism to Support the Common Good
  • Delivering Strength, Stability and Self-Reliance of Our Local Government through Fiscal Responsibility and Minimal Intrusion
  • Protecting our Rural Heritage of Harding, for the Enjoyment of its Beauty, the Conservation of its Nature and the Ongoing Benefits to Public Health
  • Providing Excellent, but Essential-Only Public Services at Maximum Efficiency

Together, let’s preserve and protect the Harding way of life for us and generations to come. Join us!


Ways to Get Involved

Join Us

Be part of our growing community of people who share Republican values and a love of our town.


Vote Republican

Get to know our candidates and familiarize yourself with how to vote Republican or run for office as a Republican.


Support the Cause

Put your resources to work for HTRC and our candidates who will fight to continue Harding’s Republican legacy.


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